Possibilities Are Limitless With The Right Risk Management Support

Commercial Property Owners/Developers

MGRA is a full-service insurance agency serving a broad range of commercial property owners and developers including those in the residential and habitational markets and commercial office, mixed-use, and retail space. We understand the day-to-day challenges of commercial property owners and developers, and provide industry-specific coverages and customized risk management solutions to help clients protect their property and assets.

We have solutions that will address your exposures to property losses from fires and natural hazards as well as other perils that can negatively impact market share, revenue, brand reputation and assets.

Products for Successful Insurance Placement

Our industry-leading insurance coverages for commercial property owners and developers include:

MGRA also provides Builder’s Risk coverage for properties under development. This policy provides coverage for materials, supplies, machinery, equipment, fixtures designed to be a permanent part of the fabrication, erection, installation, alteration, or completion of a commercial construction project while at the project site, as well as in transit or at any temporary location. It typically covers damage as a result of fire, wind, theft, lightning, hail, explosion, and vandalism.

Our staff will review each policy in the insurance program we recommend including the parties covered, liability limits, exclusions, deductibles and coverage triggers or dates.


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