Look To Us For Best-in-Class Coverage As Customized As Your Property


MGRA specializes in insuring the hospitality industry – from restaurants to limited-service hotels, full-service operations and destination resorts/spas. With us as your dedicated insurance and risk management partner, you will have access to professionals who keep abreast of the complex regulatory environment governing the hospitality and hotel sector along with the growing risks that impact the reputation and bottom line of this industry. We will design an innovative risk management and insurance program that anticipates and manages your risks.

Managing Your Unique Risks

Our insurance solutions for the hospitality industry are designed to respond to numerous events that can upend your business. For instance, a fire that requires you to rebuild a portion of your property, a severe storm or other incident that causes you to temporarily shut down, a discrimination lawsuit by an employee, an assault in the parking lot of your property, a data breach that compromises your guests’ confidential data, and so much more. We will tailor an end-to-end insurance solution comprised of the following:

Safety & Risk Management Solutions

MGRA can also assist you with your safety and loss control program to reduce your overall costs, including:


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