Investing In The Future With Nimble Coverage Solutions

Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry requires high-quality insurance solutions to protect against a wide range of unique and complex risks – from the myriad of regulations that govern the industry to the potential for food contamination and recalls, supply shortages, equipment breakdown, and reputational damage, just to name a few. At MGRA , we’ll evaluate your specific exposures and tailor a program that will address these risks.

Our Portfolio of Insurance Coverages

We offer end-to-end insurance solutions to the food manufacturing industry. Our solutions are designed to help protect your business’ assets, property, employees, and customers with comprehensive and affordable insurance products.

Dedicated to Supporting Food Companies

Our insurance carrier partners have dedicated claims and loss control specialists to support our clients in mitigating risk and in the event of a loss. You will have access to professionals that can assist you with mock OSHA inspections, workplace safety program development, on-site safety and hazard assessments, loss trend analysis, product liability surveys and assessments and other key strategies to minimize losses.


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