Our Playbook: Insuring The Unexpected

Sports/Entertainment & Events

One natural catastrophe or man-made event can ruin the business continuity of a sports, entertainment and event organization. Whether it’s a fire that shuts down an entertainment venue temporarily, a singer who cancels several shows, or an active shooter that turns a live event into a nightmare resulting catastrophic liability losses and reputational damage, you need a partner that can help you evaluate the potential threats to your organization.

MGRA will help you identify, quantify and manage your risks. We’ll put together a comprehensive insurance and risk management plan to respond to your operational exposures and meet your business goals.

Who We Insure

Our Solutions

We can also help you with venue safety audits, emergency response and evacuation planning, and contract analysis and review to ensure you are properly protected.

Lost revenue, liability, talent issues, and natural catastrophes are all very real risks. Stay ahead of the game with MGRA as your partner.


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