Solutions Catered To Your Operation


The retail and wholesale food and beverage industry faces a number of exposures that can upend an operation: from slips and falls on the premises to food spoilage and contamination, property damage, equipment breakdown, inventory theft, business interruption, data breaches and allegations of employee discrimination or harassment. There’s so much to think about.

Whether you’re a restaurant or café with high customer traffic or wholesaler delivering goods to your customers, we can help take these risks off your plate so you can focus on your operation. MGRA specializes in providing the food industry with a total insurance and risk management solution.

How Well Does Your Liability Insurance Cover Your Operation?

In reviewing your liability insurance program there are certain key areas our professional staff will look at to insure that your coverage doesn’t fall short. These include but are not limited to:

Is Your Property Coverage Responsive?

In analyzing your Property coverage, MGRA will conduct a top-to-bottom review to determine how well your property exposures are addressed, including:

Specialty Franchises

MGRA also provides tailored insurance programs for national specialty franchise businesses in the food industry. We work with franchises so you can understand your risks, the coverages available, what they cover, and how policy endorsements, retentions, terms and conditions, and limits apply. Our goal is to provide better coverages at a more affordable cost.

Franchise Insurance Coverages

To effectively manage your risks, we can put together the following coverages for your franchise insurance plan:

MGRA understands the franchise-franchisor relationship and how best to ensure that there is a strong insurance solution in place to address the complex risks that arise from this relationship.


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