Navigating The Future Together

Communications, Media & Technology

The success of communications, media and technology companies lies in the ability to seize and leverage opportunities afforded by innovation in a fast-paced and evolving marketplace. It’s what drives your passion and success. Along the way you face ongoing challenges including risks that have now become commonplace such data breaches, ransomware and other cyber risks; also employee allegations of discrimination and harassment, property damage, and other exposures.

To meet these challenges, it’s critical for companies like yours to have a risk management partner who understands the industry and the complex technology marketplace. Your partner also needs to be experienced in how to manage exposures related to intellectual property, management liability, business interruption, cyber, as well as the regulatory landscape under which the industry operates.

MGRA and our team of technology and telecommunications experts are poised to help you address your exposures with a customized insurance and risk management program designed to fit your risk profile.

Our Services

We provide the technology and telecommunications sector with the following key services to help reduce and transfer risk:

Our Portfolio of Insurance Products

At MGRA, our experienced staff takes a 360-degree view of your operation and its exposures to provide recommendations on how to best address them through comprehensive insurance solutions, loss control and risk mitigation.


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