The Foundation Of A Strong Insurance Program Begins With Experience

Real Estate

The commercial real estate market is constantly changing, affected by the overall health of the economy; construction costs; geography; demographics; interest rates; natural catastrophes;  and government policies such as tax credit, deductions, and subsidies. Weathering the ups and downs of the real estate market by managing risk effectively contributes to the success of commercial real estate owners, managers and developers.

MGRA offers real estate clients integrated risk management and insurance solutions to address expsoures that could result in potential losses from natural hazards, environmental accidents, security and safety issues, data breaches and other types of cyber attacks, mismanagement, employee disputes and on-the-job accidents, among others.

Our staff will review your operation, current insurance and risk management program to see where we can improve your coverage and provide competitive, broad and flexible solutions to protect your investment. For example, the limits under your General Liability policy may not be enough to step in and cover a loss involving serious injuries to a client visiting your property. A high-limit Umbrella/Excess policy would be needed to extend your liability coverage in the event of a catastrophic event.

What You Can Expect from MGRA

In partnering with us to help safeguard your property, employees, clients, and assets, our experienced team will provide the following services:

MGRA specializes in a number of real estate sectors including:


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